Howl at the Moon

I am not all that familiar with astral photography and my first few attempts several years ago resulted in what I would consider to be very poor results. Due in large part to the attention that social media and news outlets have given to promoting lunar eclipses in recent years, I become increasingly aware of and used the events to strengthen my sky shooting abilities. With the help of some YouTube videos and well as trial & error, I had my best showing on January 20, 2019, when a total blood moon eclipse could be “seen,” in totality from Los Angeles. I say seen in quotes, because the cloud cover turned out to be really heavy that evening. Luckily, they were fast moving and I was able to snap a few images during the moments of clarity. Learning from YouTube that the easiest way to obtain crisp images of the moon is to image stack, I stacked the phase shot using RegiStax 6. The second image is a composite of the total eclipse with a shot of the full moon behind a break in the clouds.