Butterfly Kisses

Although most of my photography focuses on landscapes and natural settings, my 1 year old daughter has inevitably become a favorite subject of mine. The pictured photograph was chosen as my "best" of 2017 for several reasons:

1. Every time we go to the grocery store, my daughter points at the mylar balloons that engulf the checkstands, so keeping her distracted her during checkouts, is a sporting event in itself. A week prior to this shot being taken, we gave in and got her a butterfly shaped balloon and of course, I had to make use of the last few days of helium. Enter the park, a hill, and mommy to help with the setup.

2. Prior to leaving the house, I already had an idea of the shot I wanted to capture. However, upon arriving at the park, it was more difficult to find a spot that would work with the composition and light, than I had expected. Trees were originally not part of my, "vision," however, I liked the way this one incorporated itself and it's such a great feeling as a hobbyist to have the final output match what was intended.

3. Perhaps the most gratifying part of the experience, was having a photo that my daughter can look at in the future and appreciate on its own merits, but also for the fact that she was the "model."

There were a few "winners," from the shoot, however, I decided on this one because her pose best conveyed innocence and joy we have as kids, playing something as simple as a balloon.

Butterfly Kisses